Align Equipment

You gain the ability to bless equipment with abilities that make them more effective against outsiders.

Prerequisite(s): Alignment Channel, Bless Equipment, caster level 3rd, channel energy class feature.

Benefit(s): In addition to the blessings provided by Bless Equipment, you can imbue weapons, shields, and suits of armor with the special abilities listed in the following table. If a special ability is followed by an alignment set in parentheses, you must be able to channel energy capable of healing or harming outsiders of that alignment subtype with Alignment Channel. For example, a cleric must have Alignment Channel (good) to bless a weapon with the holy special ability, Alignment Channel (law) to bless a shield with the vigilant special ability, and so on. Aligned equipment blessings otherwise follow all the same rules as the equipment blessings granted by Bless Equipment.

Table: Aligned Equipment Blessings
Aligned Weapon Blessings Uses of Channel Energy Caster Level Required
Anarchic (chaos) 3 6th
Axiomatic (law) 3 6th
Holy (good) 3 6th
Unholy (evil) 3 6th
Table: Aligned Armor/Shield Blessings
Aligned Armor/Shield Blessings Uses of Channel Energy Caster Level Required
Champion (good) 2 3rd
Dastard (evil) 2 3rd
Defiant (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful outsiders only)* 2 3rd
Righteous (good) 6 10th
Unbound (chaotic) 6 10th
Unrighteous (evil) 6 10th
Vigilant (lawful) 6 10th

* You must be capable of channeling energy that heals or harms outsiders of the chosen alignment subtype.

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