Planar Infusion (Conduit)

After enduring hardship on another plane, your body, mind, and soul have become infused with that plane’s power.

Prerequisite(s): You must spend a significant amount of time on a plane other than your home plane or the Material Plane. Typically, this amount of time should coincide with an adventure set on that plane, but at the GM’s discretion, you can qualify for this feat in other ways, such as by being subjected to a powerful planar effect via the influence of an artifact associated with that plane, being exposed to raw energies from the plane, or even by dying on another plane and being brought back to life in that reality.

Benefit(s): Your body, mind, or soul gains a benefit of some sort as a result of your infusion with the plane of your choice for which you meet the prerequisite. Details on planar infusions can be found in each plane’s Infusion section (here).

Planar infusions that take actions to activate are supernatural abilities unless they specifically allow for the use of a spell, in which case they are spell-like abilities.

Your caster level for spell-like abilities granted by a planar infusion is equal to your Hit Dice (maximum CL 20th). All other planar infusions are extraordinary abilities.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you must select another plane for which you qualify.

In cases where the specific effects of Planar Infusion are identical, the effects do not stack.

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