Two-Weapon Grace (Combat)

You can fight using agility instead of brute strength, even while fighting with two weapons.

Prerequisite(s): Dex 15; Fencing Grace, Slashing Grace, or Starry Grace; Two-Weapon Fighting; Weapon Finesse.

Benefit(s): You can gain the benefit of the Fencing Grace, Slashing Grace, or Starry Grace feats while fighting with two weapons. Your penalties from two-weapon fighting increase by 2 on all attack rolls you make when doing so, and you can’t decrease the penalties to less than –2 even if other abilities would reduce the penalties further. Add 1/2 your Dexterity bonus to damage with your off-hand weapon instead of 1/2 your Strength modifier. If you attack without using your off-hand weapon, you can use the aforementioned feats despite your other hand being occupied.

In addition, Two-Weapon Grace counts as Double Slice for the purposes of qualifying for the Two-Weapon Rend feat.

Normal: You gain no benefit from the listed feats if you don’t have a free hand.

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