Sand Strike (Combat)

You can incorporate sand as part of your unarmed fighting techniques.

Prerequisite(s): Improved Unarmed Strike, dwarf, proficiency with the cestus.

Benefit(s): You can take 1 minute to tightly embed sand into the joints and crevices of a pair of cestuses you wear.

While they have sand embedded in them, the cestuses gain +1 hardness and +5 hit points. While wearing cestuses embedded with sand, you can perform a dirty trick combat maneuver to blind a foe in place of one of your melee attacks without provoking an attack of opportunity. Doing so causes the cestuses to no longer have sand embedded in them. You can embed a single cestus with sand as a full-round action, but you take a –4 penalty on the dirty trick combat maneuver check using a single cestus.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes from the Fringe © 2018, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Saif Ansari, Kate Baker, Michelle Jones, Isabelle Lee, Adrian Ng, Alex Riggs, Owen K.C. Stephens.

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