Dimensional Disruption (Combat)

You’ve become so adept at combating summoned creatures that you can interrupt the magical energies that summon them to your plane.

Prerequisite(s): Arcane Strike or Disruptive; Banishing Critical; Combat Reflexes; Dimensional Awareness; Spellcraft 8 ranks; arcane pool class feature.

Benefit(s): When you use Dimensional Awareness to make an attack of opportunity against a creature being summoned or called into a square you threaten, you can additionally use an immediate action to attempt to send the creature back to its home plane. Attempt a Spellcraft check (DC = 15 + the creature’s CR [minimum 1] + the spell level of the spell that summoned the creature). If you succeed, the creature does not get to act and is immediately sent back to its home plane.

Normal: A summoning or calling spell can be disrupted only by a failed concentration check or by countering the spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Monster Summoner’s Handbook © 2015, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Alexander Augunas, Tyler Beck, Anthony Li, Luis Loza, David N. Ross, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Linda Zayas-Palmer.

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