Changeling Familiar (Animal Companion Feat)

Many familiars are able to turn into other animals, but a few familiars have greater talents, and can transform into humanoid bodies of their own.

Prerequisite(s): Familiar class feature, caster level 9th, your familiar must have the change shape universal monster ability.

Benefit(s): Your familiar’s change shape universal monster ability can function as alter self, and it gains a single alternate form of either Small or Medium size. This form is of a child or teenager of its master’s species, and once chosen cannot be changed. Such changeling familiars always bear some kind of visible mark of their original nature, such as a cat’s eyes, a serpent’s tongue, or small demonic horns. The changeling familiar does not gain any new languages with this transformation, so changeling familiars are often mute.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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