Blessing of Onn [Ogham]

The golden hue of the Gorse represents wealth and well being, and you are imbued with such aspects from the spirit of the onn ogham.

Prerequisite(s): Ogham Connection or the Ogham-Craobh class feature.

Benefit(s): If you are dealing with a merchant with which has a friendly or helpful attitude, any transaction in which you are trying to sell items are guaranteed to be rewarded with at least 80% to 90% of its normal value. Additionally, the merchant may sell non-magical items to you at 60% to 75% of the normal price if time is spent to get to know the merchant and gain a friendly or helpful attitude. This feat offers no benefit to any actual Diplomacy skill checks however.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advancing with Class: The Druid © 2018, The Knotty-Works; Authors: Aaron Hollingsworth, John Buckley, Artists: Brett Neufeld, Forrest Imel, Jacob E. Blackmon, Liz Courts, Matthew Richmond, and Rick Hershey.

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