Blessing of Gort [Ogham]

As the ivy overcomes nearly any obstacle within its path, so the gort ogham grants you the resolve to overcome that which stands in your way.

Prerequisite(s): Ogham Connection or the Ogham-Craobh class feature.

Benefit(s): You gain DR 1 versus piercing or slashing damage from damage caused by moving through natural (non-magical) hazards such as brier groves or thorn bushes. If subjected to the entangled condition caused from plants (including the entangle spell), you gain a +1 bonus to your CMD to avoid becoming entangled. For every ogham feat you possess beyond this one, increase the DR by 1 and the bonus to you CMD by +1 (maximum of 5 for each).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Advancing with Class: The Druid © 2018, The Knotty-Works; Authors: Aaron Hollingsworth, John Buckley, Artists: Brett Neufeld, Forrest Imel, Jacob E. Blackmon, Liz Courts, Matthew Richmond, and Rick Hershey.

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