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Tattooed Spellbook

Mastering the art of magical inscription, you gain the ability to imbue bodily tattoos with magic, making a spellbook unnecessary to record, study, or prepare spells.

Prerequisite: Inscribe Magical Tattoo, Craft (calligraphy, paintings, or tattoos) 5 ranks, caster level 5th, non-spontaneous caster that uses a spellbook to prepare spells.

Benefit: You can create magical tattoos, as per the feat Inscribe Magical Tattoo, but these tattoos cannot serve any purpose, other than storing your spells like a spellbook. Magic tattoos must be placed on a part of the body. Each character has space equivalent to 50 Spellbook pages (tattoos from other sources do not count against this limit). In order to add a spell to the Tattooed Spellbook, in addition to regular checks, (see Magic), the caster must also succeed on a DC 10+double the spell’s level Craft (calligraphy, paintings, or tattoos) check or fail to complete his task. Failed Craft checks do not impose a penalty upon the creator, but the caster needs to retry his attempt to add the spell.

Normal: A character without this feat cannot benefit from a Tattooed Spellbook, and can’t prepare his spells through tattoos. Although, anyone can still copy a spell from the Tattooed Spellbook, as if it were a regular one.

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