Cascade Spell (Metamagic)

You can cast multiple low-level spells as a single higher-level spell.

Prerequisite: Dex 13.

Benefit: Only spells that target only you and have a duration of at least 1 round can be cast as cascade spells. You can prepare multiple spells as a single cascade spell, as long as all spells are 3rd level or lower, and the total spell levels do not exceed 4. The duration of all the cascade spells is equal to the shortest duration for all the spells. A cascade spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the total level of all the spells in the cascade. It has a casting time equal to the longest casting time of all the spells in the cascade.

Example: Riona is a 9th level dwarf druid. She prepares a cascade spell that includes jump, longstrider, and barkskin—4 total levels of spells—as a single 5th level spell. The cascade barkskin/jump/longstrider uses a 5th level spell slot, takes a single action to cast, gives her the benefit of all three spells, and has a duration of one minute per level.

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The Genius Guide To: Feats of Metamagic

The Genius Guide To: Feats of Metamagic. Copyright 2010, Super Genius Games. Author: Owen K.C. Stephens
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