Improved Repair Construct (Item Creation)

You are able to repair constructs in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

Prerequisite(s) Craft Construct

Benefit(s) You may repair an inanimate or non-functioning construct by spending 10 gp per Hit Die of the construct and making a skill check as if you were crafting the construct, with a DC of 5 less than the DC for crafting that construct. With a success, the construct regains 1d10 hit points per Hit Die of the construct. Completing repairs in this manner takes 1 hour per 100 gp spent on the repairs (minimum of 1 hour).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Construct Companion, © 2015 Rogue Genius Games; Authors: The Four Horsemen: Steven T Helt, Stephen Rowe, Dan Dillon.

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