Craft Half-Construct (Item Creation)

You learn how to create or repair half-constructs.

Prerequisite(s) Craft Construct, Craft (sculpture) 7 ranks

Benefit(s) You learn how to build half-constructs. Creating a half-construct in this manner works like gaining a cohort from the Leadership feat, except the cohort must be a half-construct, and the creator gains no additional followers. Creating a 1st-level half-construct costs 2,100 gp (with materials costing at least 100 gp included in the cost). Each additional Hit Die (taken as class levels) beyond the 1st adds +2,000 gp to the cost. You may only possess one half-construct cohort at a time, and creating a new half-construct cohort causes the first one to leave you. The maximum starting level of a half-construct cohort is determined in the same manner as the maximum cohort level from the Leadership feat, and after their creation, they gain experience in the same manner as a cohort gained from the Leadership feat. A character with this feat cannot gain a cohort from taking the Leadership feat. Additionally, you can also use this feat to resurrect any half-construct creature, by paying half the normal costs associated with their construction. Half-constructs resurrected in this manner gain one permanent negative level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Construct Companion, © 2015 Rogue Genius Games; Authors: The Four Horsemen: Steven T Helt, Stephen Rowe, Dan Dillon.

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