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Prerequisite: Bluff 1 rank, Intimidate 1 rank, Deceitful

Benefit: As a standard action, you can toss a small non-weapon item at a target within 20 feet while firmly shouting for them to catch it. You may make a Bluff check against the target’s CMD. If your check succeeds, the target reflexively catches the item, dropping any held object to do so. If the target is being threatened or in danger from your or your allies, you take a –5 penalty to your Bluff check. If you are not speaking a language understood by the target, you take a –5 penalty to your Bluff check. If the target has more levels or hit dice than you, you take a –5 penalty to your Bluff check. These penalties are cumulative. This feat does not work on any target that has observed this trick being used within the past 24 hours.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Adventurer’s Handbook: Genius Guide Volume 1. Copyright 2010, Super Genius Games. Authors: Owen K.C. Stephens and Stan!