Sutra Caster (Sutra)

You are versed in the lore of sutras, the lessons and principles of your religion. You can write these sutras on sacred strips of paper, called ofuda, to ward away, bind, or even combat infernals and other threats. Some are used as talismans for luck, to temporarily provide magical insight, or to temporarily empower allies.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks. The character cannot be a follower or disciple of any of the Western religions in the setting and must be a follower of Bodhism, Taoshidaoism, Upanishadism, or an animist religion, such as shamanism, ancestor worship, or Kami-do.

Benefit: Characters create an ofuda by inscribing the mystic runes of a sutra, also called brilliant jade script, onto the strip of paper (ofuda), which they can then cast. A character begins knowing 1 sutra only. The character can acquire and learn more sutras equal to twice her Wisdom bonus (minimum of 1). If she belongs to a class that is considered to grant sutra caster levels she is limited to learning no more than half her total combined sutra caster levels, whichever is higher.

Special: Inquisitors, oracles and paladins may substitute their Charisma bonus for use with this feat when casting a sutra instead of using their Wisdom bonus.

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