Gifted Omamori (Sutra)

Your generous nature rewards your efforts in the forging of omamori for others. You find the making of omamori less of a drain than other sutra casters do.

Prerequisites: Wisdom 13, Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks, Sutra Caster, and the ability to cast sutras as effective 2nd level spells.

Benefit: Once per day, when creating an omamori that you then give away to another to bear and benefit from, you do not have to count it against the number of sutras you can cast per day. You must create it at half the effective sutra level that you normally provide to your omamori.

For example, if you are a 7th level sutra caster, normally able to create effective 3rd level spell sutras, then once per day, you can create an omamori that is an effective 1st level spell sutra. You then provide it to an ally; and the omamori does not count against the daily number of sutras that you can cast.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Sutra Magic copyright 2010 Frank Car, All rights reserved, Author Frank Carr

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