Venom of Nightmares

Your poison is especially virulent as it is mixed with the power of forgotten nightmares.

Prerequisite: Poison special attack and Ability Focus (poison), or ability to cast poison and bestow curse and Spell Focus (necromancy)

Benefit: Poison you create via your poison special attack or poison spell is cursed; ability damage and conditions it causes cannot be healed or removed until the curse is removed. Henceforth poisoned creatures gain no rest from sleep, suffering first fatigue and then exhaustion due to terrible night terrors. Casting remove curse requires a successful caster level check (DC equal to either the poison save DC or 11+your caster level for the poison spell). If the caster level check fails, the effect of the venom of nightmares remains and the caster must now make saves as if she were afflicted with the poison.

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Feats 101

Feats 101. Copyright 2009, Steven D. Russell.
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