Leaping Charge (Combat)

Leaping into battle, your attacks are more powerful.

Prerequisite: BAB +6

Benefit: You can attempt a leaping charge. When charging, determine the distance from your target at which you wish to begin your leap. The total distance of the leap planned plus the amount moved before the leap cannot be more than the distance you could normally move when charging (typically double your base movement). Once the planned distance has been determined, make an Acrobatics check for leaping as normal. If the check is not successful, the leap fails, but you can continue moving forward, making your charge as normal. If the check is successful, for every 5 feet leaped, past the first five feet, add +1 to any damage dealt by the charge. Thus a 10 foot leap would result in +1 damage, 15 feet in +2, 20 feet in +3 and so on. All leaps must be calculated in multiples of 5 and a leap with a result between such a multiple must be rounded down, so that a 14 foot leap would only count as 10 feet for the purpose of calculating the damage bonus.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

In the Company of Tengu copyright 2011, Steve D. Russell and Michael Tumey. All rights reserved; Author: Jonathan McAnulty

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