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Monstrous Strength (Racial)

You develop powerful muscles.

Prerequisite: Character level 7th, lizardfolk

Benefit: You gain a +2 racial bonus to your Strength score.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wayfinder #4. © 2011, Paizo Fans United. Author: Adam Strasser, Carl Rossi, Charles Evans, Dane Pitchford, Darrin Drader, Dave Gross, David Schwartz, Dustin Nelson, Elaine Cunningham, Elizabeth Leib, Guy Fox, Jesper Haglund, Jess Door, Jodi Reynolds, John C. Rock, Jonathan McAnulty, Justin Sluder, Michael Kortes, Mike Richards, Mike Welham, Neil Spicer, Oliver von Spreckelsen, Phil Tucker, Robert Andrade, Robert Gresham, Russell Estes, Ryan Costello Jr., Theodore Thompson, Trevor Gulliver, Troy E. Taylor, Truly Clark.

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