Awakened Arcane Bond (Item Creation)

You cause your arcane bond object to gain sentience, making it an intelligent magic item.

Prerequisite: Caster level 13th, Improved Arcane Bond

You can imbue your arcane bond object with a tiny spark of your own intelligence, force of will and arcane power.

Benefit: Awakening your bond object in this way causes your bond object to become a specialized form of intelligent magic item. This process follows the standard Intelligent Magic Item Creation rules. However, because you are, in essence, imbuing your bond object with a portion of your own magical life force in order to awaken its intelligence, there are a few important exceptions: The alignment of the bond object must match that of the Wizard exactly.

An arcane bond object that is a wand may become an awakened, intelligent magic.

The awakened arcane bond item may never, under any circumstances, have an Ego score higher than 19.

The total gold piece cost must be calculated as normal using the Intelligent Magic Item Creation rules. The wizard must only pay 50% of that cost however.

Senses, powers and magical abilities the arcane bond object gains specifically due to becoming an awakened, intelligent magic item continue to function as long as the item remains within 30’ of the wizard. This in no way changes the rules for any other arcane bond ability or granted power (such as those gained from the standard wizard arcane bond class ability or the Improved Arcane Bond feat – the bonded object must still be worn or in hand for any of these abilities to function).

If an awakened bond item is destroyed, the wizard immediately takes 1d6 points of ability damage to each of his three mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma).

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