Your membership of the alchemy guild gives you access to all of its trade secrets as well as a greater understand of the role alchemy plays in many different parts of life.

Prerequisite: 1st-level alchemist or Craft (alchemy) 5 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on any Appraise, Disable Device, Spellcraft, or Use Magical Device check relating directly to alchemy (alchemical items, potions, etc). You also have access to the secret formulae and discoveries available exclusively to members of the alchemy guild.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wayfinder #3 Fanzine. Paizo Fans United. Authors: Aaron “deadly_puddingcup” Phelps, Adam Daigle, Charles Evans, Clinton J. Boomer, Dain “Zylphryx” Nielsen, Dennis “The Ogre” Baker, Elaine Cunningham, Elizabeth Leib, Dane Pitchford, Eoin “Vagrant-Poet” Brennan, Eric “Epic Meepo” Morton, Ernesto “Montalve” Ramírez, Guy “ulgulanoth” Fox, Hal Maclean, Israel “Dogbert” Reyes, Jeff “Shadowborn” Lee, John “Zherog” E. Ling Jr., Joseph “Guy Humual” Scott, Johnathan “Wicht” McAnulty, Jason “Darkling23” Boyko, Jesper, “Kajehase” Haglund, Justin “Black Fang” Sluder, Larry “Larcifer” Wilhelm, Marc Radle, Matthew “The Twitching King” Stinson, Matthew “fris” Wagner, Michael Kelley, Michael “Ask a Shoanti” Kortes, Neil Spicer, Nik “Kobold Cleaver” Geier, Paris Crenshaw, Russell “Sorisel Minoi Mousefeet” Estes, Ryan Costello Jr., Sean O’Connor, Theodore “Zuxius” Thompson, Tim “Rixx” Jenkins, Thomas Morrison, Tim “Timitius” Nightengale, Trevor “Tarren Dei” Gulliver, Truly “I.Malachi” Clark

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