Personal Guardian

You have a guardian who protects you from danger.

Prerequisite: Must not have Leadership

Benefit: You have a guardian who is devoted to your protection and well-being. This guardian is identical to a cohort, using the leadership score you would possess if you had that feat in order to determine his class level. Instead of gaining followers, however, your close bond with your personal guardian grants a number of special abilities.

First of all, you and your guardian share an empathic link. This functions as the empathic link ability of a wizard’s familiar, except that it functions regardless of distance, even if you and your guardian are on different planes of existence. Further, you and your guardian each know the direction that the other is in, as well as the approximate distance (assuming you are on the same plane). Additionally, your guardian gains the ability to cast shield other as a spell-like ability three times per day, except that he can only target you with this ability.

If you lose your guardian, you may either seek out a new guardian, or decide not to risk that kind of loss again. In the former case, one month must pass before you can take a new guardian, but this is otherwise identical to the process of replacing a lost cohort. In the latter case, you must wait one week, after which you may exchange this feat for another. If you do choose to retrain this feat in this way, you may never again take Personal Guardian. While you can take Leadership after losing this feat, you cannot exchange Personal Guardian for Leadership directly: you must take Leadership later.

Special: As long as you possess this feat you may not take Leadership.

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