Too Fast to Fight (Combat)

Your incredible speed allows you to move so fast that by the time the enemy realizes you’re there, you’re already gone.

Prerequisite: Movement speed of 60 feet or greater.

Benefit: When you take the run action, you don’t provoke attacks of opportunity for leaving squares that opponents threaten. You still provoke attacks of opportunity for attempting to move through the opponent’s square, as well as for movement made when not running. Anything that reduces your movement speed below 60 feet (such as having a heavy load or wearing cumbersome armor) prevents the use of this ability. If you have more than one movement speed (such as a swim speed or a fly speed), this applies only to run actions made using forms of movement whose speed is 60 feet or greater.

Section 15: Copyright Notice Copyright 2010-2012 Necromancers of the Northwest, LLC

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