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Swordplay (Combat)

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus with any weapon that deals slashing or piercing damage.

Benefit: As a standard action, you can make a single melee attack with the weapon that deals slashing or piercing damage for which you have Weapon Focus. This attack treats the critical threat range of the weapon as though it were 1 more than normal (For example, a longsword with a normal threat range of 19-20 would instead threaten on an 18-20, while a scimitar with a normal threat range of 18-20 would instead threaten on a range of 17-20). This expanded threat range is applied after any other effect which would increase the threat range, such as the Improved Critical feat (For example, a longsword affected by the Improved Critical feat would have its threat range doubled to 17-20, and then improved by 1 to be 16-20).

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