Night Owl

A benefit to any sailor standing watch on deck, this feat permits you to need only a minimal amount of sleep to stay active and alert.

Benefit: You only need 3/4 the amount of rest others of your race require to awaken fully refreshed and recovered from fatigue penalties.

Special: This feat does not affect rest for the purposes of regaining spells, only sleep. You still need 8 hours of restful calm in order to prepare spells even if you have a lesser sleep requirement.

Section 15: Copyright Notice
Dead Man’s Chest Copyright 2005 Necromancer Games, Inc.; Authors Lance Hawvermale, Rob Mason, Robert Hunter, Patrick Goulah, Greg Ragland, Matt McGee, Chris Bernhardt, Casey W. Christofferson, Chad Coulter, Skeeter Green, and Travis Hawvermale, with additional contributions by Erica Balsley, Lindsey Barrentine, Jay Decker, Rachel Mason, and Nadine Oatmeyer.
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