Sundering Shot

Your arrows are a bane to warriors clad in heavy armor. With a mighty force your missiles are able to shatter the thickest and strongest piece of armor with one, well placed shot.

Prerequisite(s): 5th-level arcane archer

Benefit: Whenever you fire one of your arrows, you may choose to target a suit of armor that the target is wearing or a shield that the target is carrying and imbue your arrow with a sundering power. Make a normal roll to hit as if you were making a standard bow attack. If you hit, roll a d20. If that roll is equal to or higher than the armor or shield’s hardness, the armor or shield shatters and becomes worthless. Each time this feat is taken, an arcane archer can use this ability once. This ability cannot be used in conjunction with the hail of arrows ability or the Many Shot feat. This feat cannot be used to destroy a target’s natural armor, for example Sundering Arrow cannot destroy a dragon’s scales or a bulette’s natural hide.

Special: This feat can be taken more than once.

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