Summon Twin Shadows

You are able to split your summoned shadow companion into two separate beings.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 15, 5th-level shadowdancer

Benefit: By performing a ritual which takes one minute to complete, you are able to split your shadow companion that you summoned with the summon shadow class feature into two separate shadows. Each of these creatures possesses one half of the hit points (both maximum and current) that your single shadow companion normally possesses. Otherwise, they are identical to the original shadow companion. They are able to communicate intelligibly with you as well as with each other. If one of them is destroyed, you are unable to perform this ritual again until a number of days equal to 15 minus your shadowdancer level have passed, and your remaining shadow companion’s maximum hit points remain at one-half their usual amount until this time has elapsed.

Normal: Normally you are only able to summon one shadow companion at a time with this class ability.

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