Strengthened Weapon Bond

Your bond with your arcane bonded weapon is greater, allowing you to use it for spellcasting even while not wielding it and providing a small bonus while you are.

Prerequisite(s): Arcane bond (bonded weapon), 1st-level eldritch knight

Benefit: As long as you are carrying your arcane bonded weapon on your person, you do not need to make a concentration check to cast a spell while you are not wielding it. This effect also allows you to cast a spell while holding a two-handed arcane bond weapon. In addition, while you are wielding your arcane bond weapon and you cast a spell, you gain a +1 bonus to level checks made to beat spell resistance.

Normal: Normally if you are not wielding your arcane bond weapon, you must make a concentration check when you attempt to cast a spell. It is normally not possible to wield a two-handed arcane bond weapon at the same time as casting a spell.

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