Shadowdancer’s Companion

Your animal continue becomes stronger and more attuned to the shadows, as you are.

Prerequisite(s): Nature bond or hunter’s bond (animal companion) class feature, 2nd-level shadowdancer

Benefit: Every two levels of shadowdancer you possess count as a level of a class which improves the abilities of your animal companion. For example, a ranger 6/shadowdancer 4 counts as having 8 levels of ranger for purposes of calculating the animal companion’s abilities. Additionally, the animal companion gains a +2 bonus to Stealth checks and can gains the hide in plain sight ability (identical to your shadowdancer ability of the same name).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Undefeatable: The Collected Feats Sourcebook, Copyright 2009 – 2010, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc. Undefeated, Copyright 2011, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc.

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