Seer of Death

Scrying on your opponents gives you Great insight into how to slay them.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to cast one or more divination (scrying) spells, death attack class feature

Benefit: When you use a scrying spell on a creature, you can study that creature as if you were preparing to make a death attack against them. For each minute you spend studying the creature, you may reduce the amount of time needed to study the target when you encounter them by 1 round. Studying the creature for 3 rounds thus enables you to make a death attack against it in the future without needing to study it beforehand. This benefit fades after a number of days equal to your assassin level. If you study the target more than 3 minutes, for each additional minute you spend studying, you are able to determine one of the following facts about the target: its vulnerabilities (such as fire or cold damage); its immunities; its spell resistance; its senses (such as darkvision); or its Damage Reduction. You may only learn one of these facts per 2 levels of assassin you possess (minimum 1).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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