Mirror Performance

You are able to sing and dance, moving your body and altering your voice in such a way that you can redirect magical affects based on sight and sound to other targets, even back upon the caster creating the affect!

Prerequisite(s): 12th-level bard

Benefit: Along with your ability to use your Bardic Performance to use countersong and distraction, you can also use your Bardic Performance to reflect a magical affect based on sight or sound from one target to another.

If you are within 30 ft. of where the magical effect is located, you can use Mirror Performance to redirect the magical effect to another target. To do this, use your Bardic Performance, then make a saving throw against the effect as if you were being affected by the magic. You may use your perform skill instead of your normal saving throw bonus to make the save if it’s higher. If you succeed on the save you may move the magical effect from the target that it’s affecting to another target of your choice.

You may use this feat any number of times, however you may only try to reflect an affect once.

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