Master of Light and Shadow

You have Great control over magically created light and darkness, even that which you did not create yourself.

Prerequisite(s): Spellcraft 7 ranks, 3rd-level shadowdancer

Benefit: Once per day per shadowdancer level you possess, you may dispel any and all magically created light and darkness effects within 10 feet per level of shadowdancer you possess. This ability functions as the dispel magic spell and your caster level for this effect is equal to twice your shadowdancer level. Once per day you may choose to only affect either magically created light or magically created darkness with a single use of this ability.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Undefeatable: The Collected Feats Sourcebook, Copyright 2009 – 2010, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc. Undefeated, Copyright 2011, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc.

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