Know Terrain

You know how best to use the terrain to your advantage during combat.

Prerequisite(s): Int 15, Survival 4 ranks.

Benefit: You gain an understanding of the terrain features on any battlefield, provided they are not hidden from your view or magically obscured. You do not gain any special ability to detect illusionary terrain, concealed pits, or other non-obvious hazards. You can automatically identify squares that will cost extra movement to pass through, evaluate the degree of cover provided by any object or natural obstacle, and determine the shortest path between any two points on the battlefield. Furthermore, your refined understanding of the use of terrain and positioning in combat grants you an additional +1 circumstance bonus on melee attacks you make from higher ground, giving you a total bonus of +2 on such attacks.

You gain a +2 insight bonus on Acrobatics checks that have been made more difficult because of rubble, wet or icy surfaces, and similar natural obstructions. This does not apply to temporary hazards created by spells; for example, you do not gain the bonus when moving through an area under the effect of a grease spell, because that effect has nothing to do with the terrain.

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