Instant Ensemble

Your regular performances have an extra planar pull to them. Beings from other planes hear your music and immediately want to join you.

Prerequisite(s): 5th-level Bard

Benefit: When you are doing a non magical performance in front of a crowd, you may call upon extra planar beings to join you in your performance. The beings summoned can be any being that lives on the outer planes. The summoned beings can sing, dance, perform comedy, play an instrument, or anything else that you wish. All summoned beings come with any instruments or equipment needed to carry out their role in the performance. For example, if you wanted the summoned being to play the harmonica while you sang, the summoned being comes with a harmonica.

All of the being summoned are not threatening and will not cause any harm. They’ve only come to perform. Whenever your performance ends they’ll take their leave. The humanoids summoned must be of small enough size to fit inside wherever you’re performing. For example if you are performing in a bar you can’t summon a large number of singing, extra planer dragons.

The number of beings summoned is equal to one half your bard level (rounded down).

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