Improved Mount

You may select a more powerful creature for your mount.

Prerequisites: Cavalier level and size (see table below) Benefit: You gain a new mount as long as you meet the level and size criteria. In cases of numbers separated by slashes, the first is for small-size characters and the second is for medium. See the table on following page for the full list of mounts.

While dragons, dragonnes, griffons, nightmares, pegusi and unicorns are capable of being used as mounts, they have above animal intelligence and therefore must be recruited as cohorts under the Leadership feat.

Special: Without this feat a medium cavalier may only select a camel or a horse as a mount, and a small cavalier may only select a pony or a wolf (if 4th level, a boar or dog is also permitted.)

Animal Level Character Size
Anklyosaurus (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Axe beak 1st/4th Small/Medium
Bat, dire 1st/7th Small/Medium
Badger 4th Small
Bear 4th Small
Brachiosaurus (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Cat, big (lion or tiger) 7th Small
Dolphin* 1st Small
Dolphin*, orca* 1st/7th Small/Medium
Eel, moray* 1st/7th Small/Medium
Elasmosaurus (dinosaur)* 1st/4th Small/Medium
Elephant 1st/4th Small/Medium
Frog, giant 4th Small
Goblin dog 4th Small
Herd animal, aurochs 1st/7th Small/Medium
Hippogriff 4th Medium
Hyena 4th Small
Lizard, monitor 7th Small
Pteronodon (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Rhinoceros 1st/7th Small/Medium
Roc 1st/7th Small/Medium
Shark* 4th Small
Squid* 1st Small
Stegosaurus (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Triceratops (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Tyrannosaurus (dinosaur) 1st/7th Small/Medium
Wolf 7th Medium

* Aquatic campaigns only.

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