Hand of Justice

You are an important leader of the church and an archon of justice.

Prerequisite(s): Cha 13, Diplomacy 6 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 10 ranks, Leadership, Paladin level 13th+.

Benefit: You are among the highest ranking of clerics. A number of benefits come from this station. You gain a +2 divine bonus to Charisma. So long as you hold this station, the benefit remains.

You gain the paladin ability to smite once per day. However, this smite can be delivered to anyone that is not from your alignment or who have violated the tenets of the church.

You gain one additional domain, spell per day, of any level that you can cast. In addition, choose one permutation of detect chaos/evil/good/law. A servant of a true neutral god may choose two. You may now cast this spell at will.

Lastly, when casting inflict spells increase the damage dealt by your Strength bonus (if any) and when casting cure spells increase the damage healed by your Charisma bonus (if any). Your Strength bonus and Charisma bonus may exceed the normal maximum of the spell.

Special: Each church has its own rituals and rites regarding the archon of justice. You and the DM should work out the specific requirements (go on a quest, endure a week without food, etc.). In addition, some churches have only one archon and someday someone is going to want your job.

The archon of justice has many mundane responsibilities as well, from overseeing festivals and religious celebrations to maintaining the records, churches and shrines of his faith. The archon is responsible primarily to his faith and god.

The smite ability granted by this feat stacks with the paladin ability to smite.

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