Enthralling Shot

Your missiles have the power to make even the most powerful, antagonizing creature that faces you your loyal slave. You are able to turn your foes against each other, and even cause them to destroy themselves.

Prerequisite(s): 8th-level Arcane Archer

Benefit: Before you attack with your bow, you may choose to imbue your arrow with enthralling power. If you hit with that arrow then your target must make a (DC 20 + Your Level in Arcane Archer) Will save or be dominated. A dominated target will carry out any task that is given to it, beginning on your next turn after it has been enthralled. If you give the dominated target an order that drastically goes against its nature, such as killing itself or attacking one of their allies, they are allowed to make another saving throw with a +5 bonus to their Will Save. A failed saving throw means that the target carries out the action. A target can be dominated this way for a number of hours equal to your level in Arcane Archer, after which the affects wear off.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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