Drunken Demon

The excesses of the drinking alcohol release a hidden power and strength inside of you.

Prerequisite(s): Ki pool class feature

Benefit: Because of your ki pool, your body tolerates alcohol substance like wine, ale or other type of alcohol in a different manner than other people. As a move action you can drink a bottle of wine, tankard of ale or equivalent amount of alcohol. For each bottle or tankard of alcohol drunk, they will reduce their Wisdom and Intelligence by 2 points each, but increase either their Strength or Constitution (character’s choice) by 2 points. A character may benefit from a number of drinks equal to half their class level. The duration of both the penalty and the bonus is a number of rounds equal to the character’s monk level + 3.

As long as there is at least 1 point in his ki pool, you can make use of this feat.

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