Cryptic Scribing

In an attempt to hide their spellbooks many wizards have learned how to hide their spells in other various types of written works.

Prerequisite(s): Int 13, Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks

Benefit: You can encode a spell within any written work, which is then treated as a spellbook. A spell hidden in such a way requires double the page count (which can be reduced to the standard 1 page per spell level through the Efficient Study feat) and requires you to succeed on a Knowledge (arcana) check (DC 15 + spell level).

If you possess the Scribe Scroll feat, you may also encode scrolls within written works. This requires an additional day and a successful Knowledge (arcana) check (DC 20 + spell level) in addition to the normal costs for scribing the scroll.

You gain a +2 bonus on your Knowledge (arcana) checks when detecting or deciphering any other character’s encoded spell or scroll.

Special: Any spellcaster may recognize an encoded spell by making an opposed Knowledge (arcana) check against the original Knowledge (arcana) check result of the caster who encoded the spell. A character who successfully encodes a spell can always read his own encoded spells without requiring a roll. If a character has reason to believe that a particular written work contains an encoded spell, he may take 10 on his Knowledge (arcana) checks.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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