Chronicler’s Companion

Your animal companion continues to become more powerful and shares your resilience and determination.

Prerequisite(s): Nature bond or hunter’s bond (animal companion) class feature, 2nd-level chronicler

Benefit: Every two levels of chronicler you possess count as a level of a class which improves the abilities of your animal companion. For example, a druid 6/chronicler 4 counts as having 8 levels of druid for purposes of calculating the animal companion’s abilities. Additionally, the animal companion gains a +2 bonus to Survival checks and can gain the benefit of your live to tell the tale ability. Your animal companion’s use of this ability counts against the number of times you can use it per day.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Undefeatable: The Collected Feats Sourcebook, Copyright 2009 – 2010, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc. Undefeated, Copyright 2011, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc.

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