Calls of the Wild

You can communicate a brief message to another creature via mimicked animal calls.

Prerequisite(s): Handle Animal 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks

Benefit: You can relay a brief message of less than one sentence to another creature that possesses this feat. To the untrained ear, the message sounds like the chirping of a bird or the cry of an animal; however anyone else with the feat can generally comprehend the message’s contents. Extremely simple messages such as “come here” or “stay there” automatically succeed. More complex messages such as “two orcs approaching from the east” require Wisdom checks by both parties. Typical difficulty classes for such checks are provided below.

DC Message
5 Two orcs approaching
10 Two orcs approaching from the east
15 Two orcs and a bugbear leader approaching from the east
20 Two orcs and a bugbear leader sixty feet away and closing from the east.

As a general rule, add five to the message’s difficulty class for every piece of detail, such as the creature type, species, direction, distance etc. For instance, the last message conveys four details, two orcs, bugbear leader, sixty feet and the east. Messages that convey more than four details automatically fail.

Failed messages are incomprehensible and automatically fail if the parties attempt to convey the same message again or a message with a difficulty class equal to or higher than the previous message.

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