Blazing Aura

Your aura is powerful even for one of the faithful, and is a beacon of faith to all who cross your path.

Prerequisite(s): Aura class feature

Benefit: For the purposes of detect spell and spell-like effects double your level when determining the strength of your aura. In addition a creature using a detect spell or spell-like effect on you must make a Will save against a Difficulty Class of 10 + your Charisma bonus or become Dazed of 1 round. Creatures with Hit Dice equal to or higher than yours are not affected by this ability.

Finally, when using the Intimidate skill on those of with an alignment directly opposed to your own (i.e. chaotic evil if you are lawful good) add a +2 moral bonus on your roll and when using the Diplomacy skill on those of the same alignment as you, add a +2 moral bonus to your rolls.

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