Bestial Challenge

You mark out your prey for death and pursue them with an unflinching fury until either you or they are torn to pieces.

Prerequisite(s): Rage class feature.

Benefits: When raging, as a swift action you can issue a bestial challenge to any creature you can both see and be seen by. When making melee attacks against this challenged creature you gain a +1 moral bonus to hit and damage. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and for every 4 points thereafter, this bonus increases by +1. The effects of the challenge last until either you or the challenged creature are reduced to -1 or fewer hit points. During the challenge you cannot attack any other creature or undertake any actions which are not either attacks against the creature or attempts to bring yourself into combat with the challenged creature. Finally, if you do kill your challenged opponent you must spend a full round tearing at their corpse to make sure that they are dead.

This feat can only be used once per rage.

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