Accidents Happen

The more opponents you fight, the more likely they are to injure each other.

Prerequisite(s): Dex 13, Wis 13, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Interference, Mobility, base attack bonus +13.

Benefit: If the creature to which you have selected to apply the benefits of the Dodge feat attacks you in melee and misses, you may choose to force it to make an immediate extra attack against any other creature of your choice within its reach that also threatens you. This free attack is at the same attack bonus as the one that missed, and any effects that applied to the original attack against you remain in effect. This feat does not apply if the attack that missed was an attempt to disarm, grapple, sunder, or trip you, nor if it was an attack of opportunity you provoked. This attack counts as one of your attacks of opportunity for the round; you may use this feat no more than once per round, even if entitled to multiple attacks of opportunity per round.

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