Savage Flurry

You have adapted your natural weapons to a fighting style focused more on number of attacks than precision.

Prerequisite(s): Base attack bonus +6, one primary natural attack

Benefit(s): You can use one of your primary natural attacks in place of a manufactured weapon when making a full attack. If you have the two-weapon fighting feat, you can use a second primary natural attack in place of your off-hand manufactured weapon as well. Using your natural attacks in this way grants you all the benefits and penalties of making a full attack with a manufactured weapon, such as iterative attacks and their associated penalties, penalties for two-weapon fighting, causing other natural attacks to become secondary attacks, etc. The natural attacks you use as part of this feat count as light weapons for the purposes of two-weapon fighting. When using only one natural attack as a manufactured weapon using this feat, it is treated as a two-handed weapon when determining its damage (such as with the Power Attack feat, or when adding your Strength modifier to its damage). When using two natural weapons with this feat, your off-hand natural attack does not have its damage reduced while being used as an off-hand weapon.

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