Esotery Sculptor

You have expanded your talents at shaping flesh towards the shaping of inorganic matter as well.

Prerequisite(s): Sculpting touch class feature

Benefit(s): Your sculpting touch works on all forms of creatures, dealing its full damage and subjecting them to a Will save as if they were formed of flesh. Additionally, you can use your sculpting touch on inanimate objects. When targeting a held, worn, or wielded item, you target the touch AC of the creature utilizing the object, and that creature makes the Will save for the object. When an affected object fails its Will save, it gains the broken condition instead of the normal conditions applied by your sculpting touch. If the item is also under 50% HP, and thus would naturally have the broken condition, the penalties from the broken condition are instead doubled.

Additionally, your skill with warping inanimate objects has granted you the ability to utilize your skill to craft esoteric and magical items. You may use your promethean level in place of your caster level when qualifying for crafting feats (such as Craft Magic Arms and Armor or Craft Wondrous Item) and may use your promethean level in place of your caster level when crafting magical items. You must still follow all other rules for crafting items, as normal.

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