Malign Magic

You have woven sorcerous fury and the gifts of your dark patrons into a single unholy fusion.

Prerequisite(s): Ability to cast 1st-level antipaladin and bloodrager spells, Malign Fury.

Benefit(s): When you select this feat, choose either your bloodrager spellcasting or your antipaladin spellcasting. Your levels in the two classes that grant these features stack for the purpose of determining your spells known, spells per day, caster level and all other effects of your spells. The other class no longer grants you any form of spellcasting, but you can add one spell from each level of that class’s spell list to the spell list of your remaining spellcasting class. Your casting is considered both antipaladin and bloodrager spellcasting for the purpose of effects such as blood casting and prerequisites.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Antipaladin’s Almanac, © 2020, Librarians & Leviathans.

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