Translated Spell [Metamagic]

Your magic transcends the barriers of strange worlds and alien beings.

Prerequisite(s): Caster level 1st, Linguistics 3 ranks

Benefit(s): A spell modified with this feat loses the [language-dependent] descriptor. The essential meaning of any words spoken during the spell is apparent to any creature that can hear you cast the spell. Effects that modify language-dependent spells still modify this spell (such as changes to caster level or save DCs), but any creature can understand it. This feat has no effect on spells that do not have the [language-dependent] descriptor. A translated spell uses a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Planet Adventure Path © 2019, Legendary Games; Authors: Authors: Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Steven T. Helt, Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, Richard Pett, Tom Phillips, Mike Shel, Neil Spicer, Mike D. Welham.

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