Prerequisite(s): Technologist, and telepathy or the ability to use detect thoughts or mindlink as a spell or spell-like ability

Benefit(s): You can mentally interface with a computer or operate an electronic machine or device within your space without touching it, just as if you were physically manipulating it or possessed a complex remote control for it. You can also use this ability to interface with an object within 5 feet by touching it (requiring a melee touch attack if it is an attended object); after you have touched it once, you need not maintain contact to manipulate it.

You can make normal use of your various skills to operate these electronic machines and digital devices, requiring concentration and a move action to do so.

As a standard action, you may cast or expend one daily use of your detect thoughts or mindlink spell or spell-like ability (or use your telepathy) to shut down an electronic device or cause it to behave erratically, emitting noises or random displays of light or garbled information, as if someone were manipulating the device in unexpected ways. Turning off the device does not halt such erratic function but disconnecting its power supply causes this erratic function to cease within 1d4-1 rounds. If the item is a trap or is otherwise hazardous, treat this as a Disable Device check.

If a device you seek to manipulate, deactivate, or cause to behave erratically is intelligent, magical, or otherwise unusual (at the GM’s discretion), it can attempt a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Intelligence modifier) to resist the effect. Likewise, the wielder or wearer of an attended item can attempt a save to resist the effect.

This feat has no effect on constructs or other creatures.

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