Summon Mount (General)

You can summon a wide variety of steeds willing to be ridden by you and your allies.

Prerequisite(s): summon monster or summon nature’s ally spell or ability.

Benefit(s): Add the following creatures to the list you can summon with summon monster and summon nature’s ally spells. Spell-like abilities with a duration other than instantaneous used by summoned mounts are dispelled when the summoning ends. You can summon a creature (not only the creatures on these lists, although the GM may judge some creatures unsuitable as mounts) into the space occupied by you or an ally. When you do so, the summoned creature is considered combat trained as a mount, appears with any required saddle and tack, and if the ally is of a smaller size category than the summoned creature, the ally can mount the creature as a free action that does not require a Ride check.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Summoners © 2020, Legendary Games; Author: Carl Cramer.

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