Stalking Snake Star Sign (Combat)

You are one of the rare Steel Serpent users who can create their own night sky to hide under.

Prerequisite(s): Two Sagitta Stellaris maneuvers known, two Steel Serpent maneuvers known.

Benefit(s): Once per round when you move at least 10 ft. within one of your Trails, you can expend a readied Steel Serpent maneuver to gain the ability to use the Stealth skill while being observed for 1 round as long as you remain in your trail, then make a Stealth check to hide as a free action.

You do not need to expend a Steel Serpent maneuver to do this if you are in a Steel Serpent stance, or if the trail was created by a Steel Serpent Strike (such as with the Stellar Trailblazer feat).

If your trail’s duration ends while you are using Stealth within it, you remain hidden until you move, take an action, or the end of that turn. An attack made this way gains the benefits of Stealth as normal.

You take no penalties to Stealth for moving over half your speed within your trails. In the event they would apply, penalties to Stealth from sniping are halved for you within your trails.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Classses: Sagitta Stellaris © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Z. Wong

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